Ready Steady Gulp   Recently updated !

Lately, if something has totally changed the way I work, it’s Gulp – the streaming build system. There are quite a lot of cool things gulp can do with great flexibility. Let’s get started!

Cross Browser Automation made EASY

 Does your Automation test cases taking more time for execution ?  Is your Test framework supporting only Firefox browser?  Finding it difficult to automate your test cases in Chrome ?  Not able to get proper solutions on community for your queries related to chrome   automation ?  Wish to write your scripts as easy as it is with Firefox ?  How implementation of firefoxDriver and chromeDriver different?  Wish to explore the internals of Cross Browser implementation? Lets find out solutions to […]

How Modern is my Legacy Crow? Or how Legacy is my Modern Crow?

Of late, as Technology landscape is changing quite drastically and more frequently, it’s significant to identify the right question, how modern is my legacy app? Or how legacy is my modern app? As one thinks about it a new thought process gets created at the back of one’s mind or gives a call-back to an existing one which is trying to demarcate the legacy way of engineering Software to the modern way. Technology is fast catching up with Hollywood themes […]

Traditional Web App with an IoT Perspective

  Last weekend I was thinking about one of the swanky keywords of the Industry a little deeper than before, IoT, from an Architecture’s frame of reference. I was on the Internet browsing through various reference architectures and subsequently into various design aspects. I wanted to architect and design an Application as close as possible to a real, mainstream IoT App with each of its “thing” having its own DB foot print and could possibly and completely disjoint from the […]

Analysis of your app using Google Analytics

INTRODUCTION This post is supposed to give you a basic knowledge of what Google Analytics has to provide you with and how you can implement the same in your app. Google Analytics is a free tool that provides statistics for your blog or app. How many people accessed your app, how many liked a particular feature, which browser was the favorite (I like this the most, this gives you a proof that WOHOOO!!! NO MORE HANDLING IE BUGS hopefully ), […]

Practices with Page Object Pattern which makes your automation better

We all know about Page Object Pattern suggested by the Selenium group. In my earlier blog mentioned here, I had documented the undocumented documentation of Page Object Pattern. In this blog I will talk about few practices while implementing Page Object Pattern that makes your automation better and save you from spending extra time while debugging or while writing new tests.   Page Validation   This is even suggested by the selenium group in their documentation. But it only suffices […]

The Undocumented documentation of Page Object Pattern

If you are into automation testing using selenium, you may be knowing about the Page Object Pattern suggested by selenium forum available at url : The documentation suggests the approach for implementing Page Object Pattern for automation and what are the advantages of it. In here I wont be writing about what the documentation suggests and talks about it. So lets directly jump onto the main subject and learn about what the documentation does not contain. Following are those points: Implementing […]

Analyzing spark with spark

To start with a new codebase, we mostly want some idea about go to guys important files related files (functionality wise) code flows and third party dependencies This information does not need to be complete or precise, but just a guide about the starting points. With this in mind, I stitched together a few programs (github) using spark. As a test I ran it on the spark code base. go-to-guys In a over simplified version we can assume that these […]

Mobile Web ListView for Bidirectional Infinite Scroll with Lazy loading

Recently we were exploring infinite scroll listview that would support thousands of items without performance impact in terms of memory and processor speed for mobile browsers. This should be similar to the listview/tableview implementations on Android/iOS app frameworks. And the web app should be light-weight without using any heavy framework using components that just serve the purpose without bloated code. The technical requirements of listview that suits the purpose are: Bidirectional infinite scroll with lazy loading List elements should be […]

Moving to the Cloud

Cloud can save you time and money, it also has the potential to change the way you do business. View this infographic to know more… For more informaiton,