Trust me; I am not going to share anything technical, but the many WOWs from my recent experience at Google Cloud OnBoard 2018

  • We are using AWS for most of our client product (java based) development and wanted to explore GCP for one of them – to onboard into GCP from on-premise.
  • I wanted to conduct a workshop on GCP for our engineers.
  • It is always interesting to learn something new and to connect with new people who share new set of problems & possible solutions

I also attended AWSome Day 2 years back in Hyderabad at the same venue. So it was easy for me to compare the experience.

The event started bang on time. The instructors (Keatek & Ajinkya) were really good at explaining the nuances of GCP essential components.

The subtle differences I realised Google Cloud OnBoard event had an edge when compared to AWSome Day are

  • Each and every component was explained with a live demo. Most of the demos went good but some failed. Overall, seeing something in action kept the audience engaged the whole day training session.
  • Not just Google Cloud components but also the their back-bones like “Apache Spark and Hadoop in Cloud Dataproc” were detailed out at length. It proved that these instructors have strong technical knowledge and they are not from sales/ marketing background. I felt this influenced the audience a lot. In addition, Ajinkya demoed it using Google cloud shell using commands and not just worked with the console.
  • The instructors were not in hurry to complete the chapters. At least I felt so. For example, Keatek started explaining Network topologies (ring, mesh, star, etc…) when some of the audiences raised their hands for ‘new to networking’. Amazing!!
  • free Coursera voucher on Kubernetes Engine for all participants!
  • Finally the goodies!!! – T-shirt, A refrigerator Magnet and all…

This is it for now. Stay tuned for more updates…