Brief Intro: Appium is a well known Open Source Automation Framework for automating Mobile Native, Hybrid and Web applications across platforms(Android, iOS, Windows and Firefox OS).

Imaginea Technologies happy to share that Imaginea contributing to Appium and its recent contribution UIAutomator2 Driver is released in Appium v1.6.0

Brief Intro to what this new driver intended and architecture details can be found here

We highly encourage you to run your existing stable appium android scripts against this new driver and report the bugs if you come across any at

From your desired capability it is requested by specifying the desired capability automationName as uiautomator2  when starting a session.

capabilities.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.AUTOMATION_NAME, "uiautomator2")

Prerequisites: This module should support for Android API Level 20(5.0) and above
Happy Testing..!!!