Run Test Cases[Appium Mobile ] Parallel & Distribute in Emulator /Real Devices

List of Contents

  • Overview
  • Configure tests for TestNG
  • Configure test for Cucumber
  • Customize Tests
  • Sample HTML Report



A tool for running android and iOS appium tests in parallel across devices and getting ExtentReports [HTML] with information of test case run on device name.


Add the below dependencies in your pom.xml

Configure tests for TestNG

Main Runnerclass should look as below 


2. Extend your tests to AppiumParallelTest ::( It is part of the dependencies and will take care of running the Appium server session in parallel threads).

3. Create file under your test directory, which should have below properties


Configure test for Cucumber

1. Main runner class should look like this

2.Extend your Steps to ExtentCucumberFormatter(It is a part of dependencies which takes care of starting appium server before every feature and destroys the appium server after the feature)

Make sure your pom.xml is as below

Run Test from CommandLine

mvn clean -Dtest=RunnerCukes test

Customize Tests

Specific test method can be skipped based on platform (AndroidDriver/IOSDriver) when running tests Concurrently on the same OSX Host.

Retry Annotation for handling flakiness or failure of the test.

Sample Report