Resarch shows that seniors (aged above 65) use as much internet as any one else. Infact this is the age group who wants to maximise the advancements of integrated applications over the web. Advent of social media frameworks, mobile commerce along with e-commerce have made a real case for applications built specifically for seniors.

Refer to the below stat and newsletter from e-marketer :

Online Activities of US Senior Internet Users, June 2009 (% of respondents)

However building applications that are used and usable by seniors is no easy job. It requires understanding of the specific needs, easy to use interfaces, simple and yet working solutions that never crib. We at Imaginea have experience in building some of the best e-commerce solutions and internet applications that cater to diverse age groups. We have done specific work in building Interaction design, development, testing and third-party payment gateway integration of a web 2.0 community application, developed specifically for elders.

Check the below link to see what we have done :

We think it will take applications where integration of social media frameworks, m-commerce and easy to use interfaces are the ones that would be poised to take care of the largest spending power on the internet —eMarketer estimates that in 2009 Internet users ages 45 to 63 make up 28.8% of the total, or 57.4 million users.

At imaginea our services teams are exactly doing that and can help you reach and tap more satisfied customers than ever before.