We hosted the Chennai Blockchain Meetup at our office on May 20th. We had around 29 Attendees (23 from outside). The attendees were from various companies and colleges. Most of them were here just to interact and see how a Blockchain implementation can be done in their organisation. There were lot of ideas floated around and suggestions were asked. Most of the ideas were related to Supply Chain Management and how blockchain can be used for that. Next was the confusion on what to use Public or Private blockchain, on what usecase which should be used etc. Major percentage of the attendees were new to Blockchain.

We started the meetup with a Presentation on how to create Blockchain POCs quickly with Hyperledger Composer. We did a live basic application to prove how fast this can be done, had some glitches here and there but was able to create and show the test application. Our plan was to give an idea to all the attendees that its easier to create blockchain applications with Hyperledger Composer given that they had the required domain knowledge. We feel that has been achieved with this demo, many attendees have come up with doubts on creating blockchain applications. We also had two POCs ready for demo, but we were not able to demo due to the time constraint.

The second presentation was done by Mr.Zahoor (Ethereum Foundation), his topic concentrated more on the Decentralised Internet and how it is actually used. The examples on the modules were really good for starters. He covered only the basics of Ethereum, which was good for the audience.

Most of the questions were related to the exchanges, rate fluctuations, security, Ethers coming to an end etc.

Until now we have had workshops and presentation on all Blockchain tools in the meetup, we have covered most of the tools which the market uses. As of the future meetups are concerned we are planning on which discussion it can proceed. Many people have suggested to call in speakers who can talk on different use cases of Blockchain. Since we have covered the tech part next meetups will be Domain specific.