Well, for a long time i was thinking to write something on Cloud computing. But my thoughts were always on the clouds till i hit upon this stumbling block of being able to seamleslly have interoperability in place amongst different clouds that seem to be taking shape these days.

Cloud computing is heralded as the next big thing that IT has to offer. Numerous computing resources not utilized at their optimum level can now put to sleep. CIO’s look more fresh and active. IT budgets are stripping down themselves. But is it all that rosy as it looks like, i felt myself to be asking some questions a possible cloud user would want to know for him to make that Switch from a old block server rack to the new age cloud stack. Let the vendors answer a few of these i thought. Most importantly being an admirer of the mobile technologies i thought cloud could possibly take a leaf out of it to make this planet a much better place!!

Questions to be answered – Are vendors Listening:

However is cloud computing really consumer friendly?

Is cloud computing really positioned to demolish vendor monopoly and does cloud computing offers to solve the classical interoperability problem ? Seems that the immediate answer is a big NO.

Are vendors who are into offering them and services which are built around them are trying to polarize, consolidate their offerings ?

Some Quick Observations:

i see a set of 3-4 major clouds into play. Microsoft has Azure, IBM has Bluecloud and we have Amazon anyway with Ec2. Cisco is alreay talking about Private Clouds. But for an enterprise who really want to leverage the completeness of application autonomy over the cloud this seems to be a spot of bother.

Am i not seamlessly able to call from a Mobile Network X to Y across the world inspite of the fact that there are GSM and CDMA, am i worried about who my carrier is when i decide to call some one living on the other side of the planet, no atleast the Mobile Technologies and Market space has been kind enough to ensure a seamless interoperability is in place as long as i either pre-pay or post-pay the usage.

What do i need then :

A logical take off for a cloud computing infrastructure would this be possible through a seamless interoperable application usage and deployment can happen across the vendors and clouds. That is when an enterprise IT user realizes the true return on investments to the tune that cloud promises. If not we are in for a vendor driven race rather than customer driven space. The day when i can move the application from one cloud to another without a hassle is when i would be on cloud 9.

Till then with high expectations, i would feel my Mobile is offering me more at less!!