To do a lot of work and claim mastery over Cloud Computing and SaaS engineering to solve problems that end users face, it is imperative we understand the benefits that they can actually subscribe to. We at Imaginea, have always put this as our prime objective so that we keep the end user at the forefront and help our customers serve them better.

With inputs from, I plan to put together some blog posts here regarding the way we understand how interesting companies are solving larger than life problems and making life better for a lot many.

Let us take a use case for a student who is pursuing for a Grad school education and looking for school which is of his/her choice. Let’s name him Bob and he is searching for all the information to showcase himself and also look for scholarships. He tried to communicate with his friends and family to identify crucial information to decide a Grad school suitable for him and also where he can find funding and scholarships. Bob found a Cloud service for education , where he found that he can create a profile for himself and make him searchable with his skills and knowledge to the Professors and universities looking for students of particular interests and skills. This way there will be a bridge between professors and students to interact socially over web before being a student of the university. And this will provide a way for the professors to get in touch with the students of there choice by searching for them.

After that Bob was curious about the kind of classes offered and he really wanted a glimpse of the classes he might want to attend. Then he looks for some videos on iTunes U and You Tube education channels which belongs to the universities he is trying to attend. He started picking some of he classes, with choice of his program and with a scholarship.

Then he started attending classes, there he found a tool called moodle used by the university Grad School. Moodle is an Open source course-management system, where students of particulat class (course) collaborate and upload there assignments , research paper and other course related materials.

The professors can also make there announcements, lecture notes, communication with students and grading information for assignments etc.

The other important issue Bob was working from various places and he wants to get his files to be available from anywhere and also wants to access them from his iPhone. Bob started using . This way Bob once proved to his professor that he finished his assignment but couldn’t bring it to class by browsing it from his phone.

When Bob joined the university there was a recession, and the university was trying to cut it costs desperately wanted to save money. Bob was almost about to loose his funding, when the university official an alternate way of cost cutting by cutting costs by using he cloud computing services for email and other services of the university. Which significantly cut down the cost of procuring the software, hardware, maintaining the servers and cost of manpower to manage them and also they started charging users a minimal cost in their tuition fee.

This way the university could cut costs. And the university also stopped offering some classes and Bob needed one of those classes to keep his funding. The university had an alternate plan to offer it as online course with all Cloud services available. Then he opted for this course.

Solving end user problems with a meaningful impact to their everyday life gives a Software engineer more pride than anything. We have been doing that for years now by adding ideas to life in every spectrum of work that we do. Our esteemed customers have always said this and are continuing to do so.

Stay tuned for some more.