tl;dr It was amazing! If you weren’t there, you should be whenever it’s happening again! The long story starts now.

They say, empty stomach makes you feel irritated about everything. I know it’s true for sure and that’s exactly why a few months ago I got irritated of Bangalore. I didn’t have lunch and saw the ticket prices for JSChannel, India. Big deal! and Bangalore. One has to go there, stay and attend the conference because that city has a great community and all tech ninjas like to hang around there.

That’s when I saw a tweet from @CodePen about the Seattle meetup they were going to have. I wondered, why can’t we have it in Hyderabad? I didn’t just think but tweeted. Guess what? Chris Coyier( the guy behind CodePen ) replied to that saying it would be amazing! Their first in India and even Asia. I didn’t want to leave that opportunity. I emailed him the details and we kicked off for the Meetup! 🙂

The thing about organizing anything is that it can’t be done alone. Especially when you are doing it for the first time. You need funds and most importantly a set of people who can help you with getting things done. That’s where I got huge support from Imaginea, Pramati. We spent quite a lot of time thinking and documenting attributes of the event like the venue, date, format, speakers, snacks, time. Everything. Google docs did quite a good job there.

Talking about event attributes, speakers are the central part of it. They form the basis of any event like this. I wanted to make sure that we stick to delivering simple but cool content to the audience and leave them with a wow feeling in the end.

For the speakers, I had to do door knocking a bit but then it worked like a charm. I got to meet them, get to know them and discuss quite a lot of technology with them over good amount of coffee. We set up 4 different types of talks so we know which one works and which one doesn’t. When you do it for the first time, all you have is the idea of the industry you are in which help you understand what the audience wants to listen to or talk about( and that could be horribly go wrong! ). I didn’t want to make it just a meetup but a little bigger than that.

From the initial days of planning to the very end of the show and even more, if there is one person who answered all my queries was Prashant. His experience of designing Devthon, an innovation journey, helped in understanding how we can craft a pleasant experience for the meetup; specifically in Hyderabad. What to expect and what not to and a lot of tips and tricks. Azri Solutions provided the beautiful space which has a Sci-fi wall full of, yes you guessed it right, sci-fi movie posters!

Finally we had our speakers Swarup, Sriharsha, Kevin and Arvind along with the topics for the talks. We met over Hangouts and went through quite a lot of email chains into giving finishing touches to our content.

It was the day. September 12. I had not slept properly for quite a few days in excitement and anxiety of how to host the event. Trust me, all planning goes into dumps. You gotta work with what you get in the field.

Through all thick and thin, we managed to get the event successfully done. People asked variety of questions, some wowed and some asked when it’s gonna happen again. Some even asked if we could have workshops! Isn’t that amazing?

We had 4 talks, curated pens and projects and mouth watering snacks! Looking for the decks? Here they are.

Mine : – Event flow, History of Web Tech, Picks & Curated Pens
Arvind’s : – How Browser Works!
Swarup’s : – Virtual DOM, Angular, React, Performance
Sriharsha’s : – Frontend Workflow & Tools
Kevin’s : – Animations on Web. 

On the ending note, this is something I personally wanted to do for long time and it feels great to say we pulled it off really well. Enjoy the photos!

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