To understand the next logical steps around application development and integration services there was no better source than Dreamforce 2009. Even though i could not attend, I was carefully going over a lot of updates, videos and webinars, blogs related to Dreamforce 2009 and here are some key updates i had jotted. It gives a clear, concise and precise view of where things are moving and what could be the one’s that will be of interest to the development community in general.

Service Cloud 2

  • Answers – will have a Facebook integration application
  • Salesforce Chatter built into the Service Cloud 2 (see below)
  • Real Time Quotes built into the application
  • Salesforce for Outlook2
  • Cloud Scheduler (available in a few months) –
  • Content – now included for all users (free)
  • Salesforce-to-Salesforce Connection Finder
  • Salesforce for Twitter (available now – free)

Sales Cloud 2

  • New Genius functionality
  • New buttons on Opportunity
  • Cloud Scheduler
  • Quotes (new quote button) – one click, create a new quote.
  • Salesforce Content now available on Mobile devices
Custom Cloud 2
  • Next generation User Interface
  • 5 Minute Upgrades – never be away from your data for more than 5 minutes (was a Winter ‘10 release)
  • Bulk Load API – 5x faster (winter ‘10 release)
  • Cloud Deploy – push from Sandbox to Production (winter ‘10 release)
  • Salesforce-to-salesforce – create custom tunnels between orgs (winter ‘10 release)
  • Real-Time Web Sites – Sites functionality announced last year
  • Free Edition – build 1 app; free forever
Collaboration Cloud
  • Salesforce Chatter (Twitter, Facebook, and private networking) – (Facebook for the enterprise) – free to all editions. Includes profiles for all users which are available through the API and therefore can bring in other information into Chatter.  Chatter makes all of your Apps social.  Google toolkit announced to connect to Google Apps.  Follows security model. (available early 2010)
  • Special Chatter Edition for employees not already on platform $50/user and includes Content.
  • Status updates from all users on SFDC
  • Built-in Chatter feed on home page (people and records such as Opportunities can post to feed)
  • Open API for chatter so enterprise apps can talk to the feed
  • Individual users have profiles
  • Supports groups (which has a profile)
  • Live feeds from Twitter

Our thoughts

Salesforce to Salesforce content access and analytics could mean a lot when more than one organization, more than one team colloborate to work, access and use each other’s information.I personally think the salesforce to salesforce connection finder is a really amazing thing that can open multiple possibilities. This would allow seamless integration, connect leads, deals and bring in more colloborative business flow.

I also think cloud scheduler is very HOT considering the fact that it can ntegrate SFDC, Google, LotusNotes, and Outlook calendars.  Its proposed ability to  overlay calendars will be a really huge thing considering diverse set of people trying to colloborate across the spectrum in an organization. All this logically leads to one more interesting conclusion that e2.0 market space is bound to be really happening.

Salesforce chatter could all the way pump up enterprise2.0 market space considering the fact that it has huge impact on the way people look at using social tools to colloborate. Solutions who have already built integrated versions with their enterprise2.0 products are bound to gain more traction, usage and adoption in general.

We have been investing in competencies around this space much before which has placed us uniquely to help you take advantage of the exciting possibilities unleashed after dreamforce’09. We at Imaginea have been providing interesting services, solutions around platform. Companies are already able to launch their appexchange enabled applications leveraging our expertise and have seen the value of partnering with us. Some of the best ranked app exchange applications have been developed by us.

We don’t see any reason why can’t be doing more of this and be a part of this exciting phase of time.