Facebook Apps Testing: Does it sound surprising or does it sound interesting. When i got to look at this area as a potential offerable service line i had both the reactions to myself. But as i spent some quality time, understanding how these cool apps are built and more importantly how these apps should satisfy what i thought as a well laid out policy from facebook, it made me realize that there is a lot that can be done.

While developers can/should focus on their prime responsibility to probably create close to perfect facebook apps, its also imperative some one else should take a look at independently testing the same. Functional testing is not just that makes it complete. In fact the challenges lying are ensuring what the developers cannot do and what the application cannot do as prescrbed.

Understanding the anatomy of a facebook application goes a longway in ensuring how succesfully we do this.Deploying large scale, high-performance and scalable facebook applications is certainly a challenge and worth offering as a competency. Testing and ensuring the usability, functionality, browser compatibility and load, performance and scalability aspects of the same is thus a core competency in its own.

QLabs engineers have real time expertise in testing the best in class Facebook applications built by Imaginea. This experience helps QLabs engineers to understand and apply the required knowledge, competency, and delivery excellence in the shortest possible time frame. QLabs engineers have the required expertise to check what a potential Facebook application can do, and what the developers are not allowed to do in accordance with the Facebook policies.

QLabs covers all aspects of Facebook application testing. That said, then, having your Facebook applications satisfy the Facebook policy has never been easier!

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