FAST Site creation in SharePoint 2016

Site creation is a very frequently used and common functionality in SharePoint application development. In general, SharePoint site creation takes 3 – 5 minutes because of the feature activation after the empty site creation. So most of the time, team used the background process like timer jobs or azure jobs to create the site.

How this has address in SharePoint 2016?

In SharePoint 2016, Microsoft introduced the FAST Site creation process. It reduces the time considerably. During the dev box testing, site creation process reduced to 30-45 seconds. In production environment with bigger computation, hope this time will be reduced further.

SharePoint Administrator can use the PowerShell to create the FAST Site creation. Before create the site, there are couple of steps required to enable the fast site collection creation.

Step 1:

Enable the template for the fast site creation. I am going to enable the FAST Site creation for the template STS#0.By default, there are 6 templates already enabled for FAST Site creation. All the templates are personal site templates.

Use, Enable-SPWebTemplateForSiteMaster to enable the particulate site template for fast site creation.


Step 2:

Create site master template in the Content Database.

Get the content database for the web application. Enable the site master template in the content database using the following scripts.




  1. Basically, FAST Site creation based on the site copy feature. The same is observed when you the see highlight above FeaturesToActivateOnCopy.
  2. Second one, the new site is created and you see this in the central administration which starts with sitemaster….
  3. If web application, have multiple content databases, then the same steps should be executed in all the content databases.

Step 3:

Create a site from Site Master Template.


You can observe that it took 0.79 mts to create site. I am running the VM on my dev box which has very minimum configuration.


Till now, these features have been documented as Admin feature in TechNet site. Need to wait for the documentation from Microsoft to explore how this feature can be used in developing the application or using the object model.

  1. Microsoft haven’t released any Server object model for SP 2016 so far at this point time. Once that is released, may be need to look at how to create site collection through object model. Any parameter has provided in the SPSite object to pass the SPMastersite object.
  2. In theory, this should work for the custom site template as well. But Microsoft stops recommending to create custom site templates from long back. If really needs to get this to work on custom template with features, then need to look on to the “FeatureActivateOnCopy”.