In the last blog i tried to point out the need and challenges associated in ensuring software products do what they are meant for.Here in let us see what does it mean to have your products launched with Quality.

A key accelerator to launch products succesfully to market could be outsourcing your product testing to a specialized vendor who understands

“What it takes to build the product and what it takes to test them the way it must be”.

Apart from ensuring functional accuracy which every one tries to focuss, a special approach to testing products knowing how customers would feel to use it and how customers would actually use it when they use is a key to its success.

Imaginea’s successful hawk-eye methodology ensures precision is delivered on time every time and any time.It ensures that an extended arm in your product testing is now part of your development cycle, reducing the time to take the products to market with increased quality and reliability.

Best practices

  • Do not be in a hurry to release just because the date is there/it has reached
  • Is it really ready (Introspect and think like the end user) ??
  • Account for this testing in your Project Plan rather than Panic
  • Account for User Driven GoToMarket testing for a specific period of time post functional sig
  • Separate use cases has to be written
  • Identified use cases/work flows/scenarios will be demoed one last time by QA before letting go to market
  • Product Management/Marketing to sign off both the scenarios and demo
  • Will be tested on a purely fresh environment rather than the same one that was used for individual feature testing
  • Contribute to beta programs and product launch demos
  • Help Professional services, support and sales teams with product training if required

Imaginea’s experience in helping cutting edge technologies and products are market launched with Quality in place reveals that Its all about meeting the functional needs in its simplest form than being glossy and complex.

Successful products are those which are built, tested and deployed more from how they benefit the end customers. Ensuring this is a specialized skill that only few outsourced vendors possess. Companies which have built products and launched to market on their own understand this better than just offering a service. Imaginea’s Qlabs falls into this exclusive club and thus becomes Your prefered partner in Outsourced Sofware Product Testing.