Healthcare2.0 is all about adoption of technologies that provide best possible healthcare solutions at affordable cost without compromising the security, privacy, reliability and availability of patient-care information. Going forward, we think two key technologies and modern-day IT paradigms will greatly influence the way healthcare shapes up –Cloud computing and SaaS.

This interesting case study from Harvard, whose link is provided here –[ ] highlights the importance and application of cloud computing infrastructure and modern day technologies in preventive medicine and genetics.

5 important areas and use cases that  we think will constitute healthcare 2.0.

  • Cloud Computing for EMR and PMR
  • Private Clouds for Health care compliance
  • SaaS apps for Healthcare
  • Complex Document and Image Management Solutions
  • Business Intelligence and Healthcare

Health care 2.0 – New Age Customer Expectations (Patients 2.0)

Modern day consumers want information at their finger tips− be it health care related or about any other area. These  customers will start pushing the limits of how, where and when the information is shared, accessed and consumed. New generation patients of a Healthcare2.0 world can be called Patients 2.0. They will demand full control over the data, which could be a highly personalized XML data export model to begin with. Health care mashups, iPhone applications, personalized digitization solutions, metering, health care statistics and parameters are some of the newage applications that customers are demanding.

What are the ISV’s doing

Most health care ISVs are also looking to build analytics for mature SaaS Applications and view this as a key growth area. Based on a multi-tenant architecture, ISVs want customers to take advantage of common hardware, software and staffing resources to achieve superior reliability, faster implementations and lower total cost of ownership.

Health care services and service-providing ISVs are now launching applications on leading cloud computing platforms like integrated applications for health care applications are providing more power to electronic medical records than ever before.

Many ISVs are now leveraging the capacity of private clouds by being in proximity with one of the bigger private cloud technology providers. They have significantly bolstered their capability to offer on-demand, ready-to-ramp-up or down solutions on the health care side.


We strongly believe Healthcare2.0 is thus the way forward and and we  are already a part of that journey. We are ensuring our technical expertise and problem solving capabilities are available for ensuring a healthy world. With expertise in areas like Cloud Computing, SaaS and applying principles of Distributed computing using technologies like Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, PIG etc we are creating some innovative solutions that are of immense benefit to healthcare organizations across the segment. We are also working with some of the best and bright minds in leading engineering institutions to get the ball rolling.

Stay tuned to this section for some of the interesting work that are being done by us to be showcased here.