One of the visions of KodeBeagle is to make ease of learning new API’s followed by good industry practices. We sensed that this is very much possible while developing KodeBeagle itself. To develop KodeBeagle Intellij Idea plugin we were working on Intellij Idea platform where code base is very large (more than 150k commits in github by the time we started working on that). Most of the API is not well documented ( even folks there also accept it 😛 ) and very few open source plugins to explore also.

Whenever we need some enhancement for our plugin then actual problem arrives of searching of classes which implement them.

Instance : We wanted a key board shortcut for the plugin.  First moment we thought that there might be some class related to key words “Key Board Shortcut”. Graceful Idea showed that there is one class called KeyBoardShortcut. Then we got an idea if doing a KodeBeagle search helps someway. Then it actually does. After browsing through few results we got what we wanted. Here is a result snapshot.

img  `

What KodeBeagle is suggesting is


=> Get instance for ActiveKeyMap

=> Get Action to which you want to add

=> Make KeyBoard Shortcut

=> Add it to ActiveKeyMap

Hurray, All done in 10 mins. Kudos to KodeBeagle. Happy KodeBeagling.