JS Channel’s conference for the year 2015 was conducted on 17-18th July, 2015 in Bangalore. It was an amazing platform to come across with best brains of current web technology world, hear from them, put across the questions to them and have some fun and learning time with other participants. Me and a few other friends attended this conference.

The conference spanned for two days. First day started with keynote from Douglas Crockford, father of JSON. His lecture was mainly on finding a suitable idea and plan to upgrade the web in it’s current form. He stressed more on the security loop-holes existing in the web, when accessed with present methods. As a plan to fix some of those, he explained his thoughts on using new URL format, which works with a helper app(in the browser). The URL format uses some strong cryptography (like ECC 521, AFS 256, SHA 3-256) as the unique identifier and the helper app to be a NodeJS (or some other JS based server) message engine. The transition plan, which he shared for the entire web, also seems to be promising.




The next session was from Charanjit Singh, which was about FRP (Function Reactive Programming) in RxJS. He explained about the power and simplicity of Observables in RxJS, by show-casing Observables features like re-usability, reactivity, iterative over time. Also, there are performance optimizations while using the Observables as there are no memory leaks, no intermediate collections created(while chaining) etc. [Recording of the session can be found here]


Following that, was Apoorv Saxena‘s session, a deep diving into Javascript performance. He introduced a set of tools like Profiling, FPS meter, rendering and recording tab, page speed insights etc. which can be used to measure the performance of web page. He also presented a number of techniques to solve the performance hits. Some of those solutions are – Pre-fetching DNS registration, load asynch script, avoid complex selectors for styling, reduce number of elements styled, GPU acceleration etc. There was a lot in his session to be demonstrated and explained, but due to limited time, he had to rush through the concepts.




Followed by Lunch, there was an interesting workshop/live-coding session by Joe Pettersson on “WebGL and ThreeJS”. In his session he demonstrated the entire new world of possibilities in the web, with these frameworks. WebGL and ThreeJS can work combine to represent the 3D objects, in different forms and motions, which in turn opens up the possible opportunities for the web in the domain of virtual reality and the gaming applications.




Parallel to this session, there was an angularJS workshop going on by Mangesh K, which included building an angularJS based plaform from scratch.

The day ended with some “lightning flash talks” by participants on the random topics. It was interesting to get involved and hear from co-attendees about their ideas and theirs views on different technologies.

[The details of second day, to follow in next post i.e.  JS Channel Conference, 2015 – Day 2]