What if… you could reduce standard infrastructure setup and configuration time from 8 hours to 15 minutes?

What if… you could achieve YoY engineering cost reduction of 37 percent?

What if… you could reduce time to market for new features by 20 percent?

Aren’t these stats interesting? Here’s how a San Francisco-based IT Company leveraged Devops Automation and achieved this (Download Case Study)!

The company looked to increase its market share by lowering the subscription prices and offer more product features while maintaining profitability. This was quite a challenge where developers and architects struggled in order to achieve this goal. They spent too much time migrating code between local, development, user acceptance testing, and production environments. Without much success, they lost 20% of development time in fine tuning.

The company then approached Imaginea Cloud Services team to look into the problem and suggest solutions that could shorten the development cycle duration and improve asset utilization. They also wanted to cut Opex and CapEx.

Imaginea’s unique solution helped developers to achieve continuous delivery and continuous integration to automate and improve the software delivery process, thus accelerating the build, deploy, test, and release processes.

Imaginea helped the company automate much of their development grunt work and significantly reduced operational rework. This IT team completely redefined its existing perception of “how much can be done in how much time”.

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You can also download the complete case study here.


A staggering fact, but true! A Gartner survey estimates that downtime caused by incorrect manual configurations cost small and medium sized businesses $42,000 an hour, with figures in the millions for larger enterprises.