Recently we were exploring infinite scroll listview that would support thousands of items without performance impact in terms of memory and processor speed for mobile browsers. This should be similar to the listview/tableview implementations on Android/iOS app frameworks. And the web app should be light-weight without using any heavy framework using components that just serve the purpose without bloated code.

The technical requirements of listview that suits the purpose are:

  1. Bidirectional infinite scroll with lazy loading
  2. List elements should be recycled and fixed based on the device screen resolution
  3. Smooth animation of scroll and fling
  4. Lightweight and modular to fit into any framework
  5. Handle memory efficiently to work on low end devices as well
  6. When the list item is an image, thumbnail should be displayed

There are several javascript frameworks( that were available but not many were matching the above criteria. Hence we had a choice between writing our own listview or finding a list view that fits our requirements.

After filtering this frameworks we narrowed our focus to the javascript libraries which support listview with infinite scroll

  1. ifininty.js by AirBnb
  2. JQuery iScroll infinite
  3. RAD.js infinite scroll

Infinity.js was not suited for mobile as it was heavy both in terms of the framework dependency and memory.

JQuery iScroll infinite was considered good. But on further analysis and usage we realized that the code is not customizable easily. Hence we had to abandon this approach.

Lastly with RAD.js toolkit had the flexibility to just reuse a listview without the burden of any heavy framework and also ability to modify the code suited our constraints well. RAD.js covers most of the aspects of listview with infinite scrolling suited for mobile.

The table below captures the observations of running the RAD.js integrated listview on various mobile platforms and browsers.

Platform      Version            Device                                     Browser                       Supported
iOS 8.x iPhone 5S Safari Yes
iOS 7.x iPhone 4 Safari Yes
iOS 7.x iPad Safari Yes
Android 5.0 (L) LG Nexus 5 Chrome Yes
FireFox Yes
Android Browser N/A
Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) Samsung Galaxy S4 Chrome Yes
FireFox Yes
Android Browser Yes
Android 4.1.2 (JB) Samsung S2 Chrome Yes
FireFox Yes
Android Browser Yes*
Android 4.0.2 (ICS) Samsung Galaxy Tab Chrome Yes
Firefox Yes
Android Browser Yes*
Android 2.3.3(GB) LG-Optimus/HTC Aspire Firefox Yes
Android Browser Yes
Chrome N/A


*The CSS transform used for scroll animation during rearrangement of list items requires hardware acceleration. And the stock Android browsers on ICS and JB fall short on this front. An alternative strategy has to be arrived at to support this browsers.