Imaginea has launched new version of mViewer with revamped user interface recreated with new technology stack. With this release we’ve introduced some important features as well which were not supported in existing version.

New Features

  1. New Login – New login interface which supports log-in to the mongo instance which is running with or with-out authentication mode.banner
  2. Auth Messages – Notifies proper authentication/error messages while login considering mongo instance IP/PORT and server started with/with-out auth mode.
  3. Redesigned UI – Redesigned user interface with enhanced ease of use and look & feel.
  4. Navigation – Ease in navigation b/w databases, collections & users of a database.
  5. User, Roles & Privileges – Full support of roles and privileges. Gives access to only views and actions bound with roles.
  6. User Creation – User creation with specific set of roles associated with specific set of actions.
  7. Supports Mongo 3.x – Supports latest mongodb v3.x. The java-mongodb driver has been upgraded to support mongodb latest versions.
  8. Swagger – Now java rest APIs are integrated with swagger.
  9. New documentation – Modified documentation of mViewer on gh-pages with new landing page and separate documentation page with developer notes.
  10. CI Integration – mViewer github is integrated with Travis CI with build status on github page. Now build artifacts will be auto uploaded with each tag/release created on github using

More Information can be found on github and follow the tech stack for mViewer here.

Please visit the new documentation and start using mViewer following the installation steps here or connect you mongo instance directly hosted with IP/PORT here.

Team mViewer