We have been using mongodb for few of our projects for the last few years. One of the things we have missed a lot is a gui for doing some of the routine things, try a query, look at some of the data, a few collections and the other usual fun stuff. Though there are a few GUI apps already available, we wanted something light (read web based like Futon for couchdb) which would not need any install steps and would be fast.

Over the next few weeks we developed mViewer (MicroViewer).  A light web based GUI for mongo which uses YUI and mongos java api. Currently we offer json and treeble view.

Some of the other available features are:

  1. Managed db and collections (usual add/drop of collections and drop of db)
  2. Viewing collection and db stats (count, size, storage et al)
  3. query executor
  4. Mongo stats

We are open to feature requests, would try to fit them with the available date. The code is available at

See it in action