To convert Postman test into Jmeter test, follow the below steps in Postman, Loadium and Jmeter.


  1. Create new Collection with Collection name.

  1. Add the request into collection. ( Example: Post or Get request)




3.It will create Get request by default and can change into Post or any other request if needed. Here changed the Get request into Post request and clicks Save

4.Then add body and header if needed.

  1. Run the test in collection runner.


6.Export the postman test into .json file

  1. Save the postman test in local.


  1. Use the below link to convert Postman test into Jmeter (jmx)


2.Browse and upload postman test (.json file) and click “Convert Now” to convert into Jmeter test (.jmx)

3.Once click “Convert Now” button, it will be converted into .jmx file and gets auto downloaded and saved in downloads folder.


  1. Open Jmeter and import the converted .jmx file from Loadium.


  1. After import the .jmx file, it will get added to the test plan with same test name.

  1. In Jmeter with same test,add assertion and reports for validation purpose and perform the tests.