Got a sample app to test out quickly for load ? No need to look for load testing tools (open source or not). Use the well known wget and get your super customisable load test setup in no time.

Idea is to use wget for GET requests repetitively with required time delay and invoke the required requests. Its useful for cases when you do not bother about the response text, rather just the invocation of server side component.

Here are the steps:

1. Downlaod wget for your os if its still not installed.

2. I got it for windows from

3. Place the exe anywhere in the file system and add the location to system PATH variable

4. Open a command prompt and check wget command is accessible.

D:\>wget wget: missing URL Usage: wget [OPTION]… [URL]…

Try `wget –help’ for more options.


5. Create your load test Script using all the advantagaes of batch file scripting (loops, delay …)

Here is a sample

@echo off


wget -q http://localhost:8183/PojoPayLoadSplittingApp/GenericServlet?page=genericpage del “GenericServlet@page=genericpage

wget -q http://localhost:8183/SampleWeb/initiate.jsp del initiate.jsp*

rem wget -q localhost:8184/webclient1/connect.jsp rem del connect.jsp*

rem wget -q http://localhost:8080/dbtest.jsp rem del dbtest.jsp*


goto begin

And done . We are all set.

Just execute the batch file at will. With all parameters customisable this comes pretty handy.

The above sample invokes the requests. Cleans up the response files and loops with delay of 5 seconds.