Steps to run Appium TestNg Test Case in AWS Device Farm

  1. Login to AWS device farm with Valid credential and click on “Device Farm” Link
  2. Click on “Create a new project” link
  3. Enter Project Name
  4. Click on “Create a new run
  5. Choose your application [For Android upload <projectName>.apk file & for iOS <projectName>.ipa file]
  6. Select Appium Version for running Test Case from drop down as shown below.
  7. In Configure a test[Select Appium Java TestNG checkbox.]
  8. Attach Zip file of test case.
  9. Click on Next Step button.
  10. Click on “Create a new device pool“.
  11. Enter Name, description & select device to be added in device pool, click on “Save device pool“.
  12. Select device pool from drop down & click Next step button.
  13. Select Network from drop down & click on “Next step” button.
  14. Click on “Confirm and start run” button.