If you are a gaming freak and more so with play station, If you are also a social networking and facebook guy, here is it, facebook is coming onto playstation. In continuation to the trends i have been observing on social gaming , there is this exciting new update that facebook is coming onto play station.

Key thing to note is that console based gaming solution providers like Sony, Microsoft want to be the hub of the entertainment and do not want to miss the possibility of having social media and application integrations to their current gaming interfaces.In fact Microsoft is already there with almost ready to go integrations of twitter, facebook and last.fm in its upcoming Xbox console.

Check these links to believe and see what it is :



These interesting but real moves consolidate the belief that social media application development, face book application development, integrations are more bound to happen and in particular they are going to be the key drivers of social gaming evolution to make console based gaming vendors. We strongly believe we can make difference to this space, considering we have been extremely progressive and innovative on developing applications and widgets around platforms like facebook.