Software Development has come to a mature state with standard frameworks and technologies that could be adopted to solve a class of business problems and or with specified set of architectural stacks. With most recent software development processes like SCRUM, extreme programming, and the customers are closely working with the team to get the software delivered to customers more effectively. The software development and delivery has become more mature and it is akin to manufacturing industry where assembly lines rollout vehicles continuously, except in software development, the assembly line is the sprint that delivers workable, testable and usable software.

In such a scenario, what are the challenges? The line of business managers are constantly presented with challenge of choosing the right partner, right vendor to source. The process of evaluating vendors experience with appropriate domain and technical stacks is a challenge. Other challenges include choosing an architecture that suits him based on his short and long terms goals.

There are numerous options to source work with. There are biggest like Infosys, TCS who can offer their vast experience, stability and experience. There are small players who can get to the goal in shortest and most economically way. They are also niche players who can get the software out with right parameters. The driving factors for choosing a vendor political, administrative, technical, and geographical and mostly the biggest factor is the financial viability as well.

Once the vendor is selected, you will start working with the vendor the exact process, set deadlines and quality goals and continuously monitor with metrics that could validate your choice of the vendor. Unfortunately, there is no standard for metrics and most of the time, the experience of the managers with different vendors serve as the most important metric in defining the relationship.

With more than 100 years of accumulated software development experience and a decade of experience in developing marketable products, and with four successful products under belt, we have a case to prove that, we are the most advanced factory producing software in the world. We have mastered the art of producing software. Be it be the user interfaces, be it the scalable designs we come up, be it with the flexibility of the software, be it the perspective and attitude we work with, be it with the code quality, we bring in right value.

We will help you focus on your key goals to get your product right and in time to market. Instead of worrying about development, we help you to focus on the market. This results in taking the huge burden off of your shoulders, which will allow you to focus more on business rather than day to day headaches of software development. You should not be worried about technology, execution and implementation. With the strong, agile light weight process that is customized for each customer we drive in value to right from day one till the end.

If you have an idea and want to take the market, we can help you take it to the market in the shorted passible time frame. Since, we are saying, we are a factory, we have mastered the art of producing software. We can produce software at faster, better and competitive.

You name the technology that you want to work with. Our factory has the skill and expertise to weave your product. You want to work with Social media or ERP systems, health care or advanced mining applications, you name it, we can get you there in short period and in time.

Over the years we have not only mastered the art of producing software, we have built a strong team of technology evangelists who can help you build solution with most of the latest state of the art technology stacks we have available today.

Imaginea is the destiny for most of the vendors who understands the maturity of software development, in terms of technical frameworks, products, time to market etc. We are the right partner of choice with right people, right size, and right people and with the right mind set.

A successful product development hinges on the effective sharing of ideas, leveraging organizational knowledge and ideas by its talented workforce. Effective knowledge sharing within teams takes substantial time. Imaginea is built on the fundamentals of sharing, mentoring and coaching people to become technology evangelists, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

If you are not convinced, give a call to our marketing or send us an email or talk to some of our customers.