For the first time, I heard about Zembly in the Sun Tech days. I was attended few of the session on zembly. On the first day, looking at the sessions given by speakers, I am so confused. No idea where people use zembly. I questioned myself, do I need to attend this session. Do I really need to learn zembling. As I did not found any other interesting session going on that time, I manage to sit and started trying to understand. But At that time, I did not thought that I will also going to develop an app in Zembly.

Earlier, before attending this zembly session on SunTech days, I already tried once creating a facebook app. but I was not having very good understanding of abt fbml and fbjs and there is no IDE which can help me out to find the syntax mistakes and suggest me the possible options that I can choose from ( intelisense). so I thought it is difficult for me to complete the app development and left that in the middle.

After attending the session, and getting some basic idea about zembly, I picked up the same app, that I left in the middle and linked it up with the zembly and started updating it from zembly. Its cool. zembly is doing everything for me. I was able to manage everything about my facebook app from zembly. Most interesting parts that I found in zembly as am working on my app are

  • Application templates ( gift app). which creates a general app in no time. looking at which, a nowise guy can also learn abt app creation in facebook and how to manage it from zembly. It gives a chance to understand the way how do we access a facebook user profile into our app. and how do we get access to the facebook friends list.
  • IDE – very usefull to finish the work with out making syntatical mistakes and intelisense to suggest me as I am coding.
  • Managing my app – welcome widget, canvas url. app logo image, title name.
  • The most intesting part is – zembly data services. It has thousends of data services from flicker, amazon, facebook and data services created by others, that I can search and use in my widget in no time. This is what am missing when I tried to develop face book without zembly.
  • Creating my own data service, to exchange the data between my widget and my own personal site with complete security by adding the domain level keys and
  • personal API – this thing, I found it very diffcult with out having an option in zembly to Create my own API. I simply created a WADL file with my request params described as per the template given by the zembly. thats all. am ready with my API calls to my own domain to store and retrive the data.
  • Cloning – you can clone anybodies app and make changes as you need. so that you can create a new app in no time.
  • Here is the link to my widget in zembly. To preview my widget in facebook click here.
  • You can also find the emeded widget below.
  • The problems that I faced while working on zembly are, It works all good only in Mozilla. and it does not work in low resolution settings like 800*600.