Its always been a challenge to ensure products are easily usable by the Users as to how they want and wish rather than how they have been created and designed. Qlabs has realized that one such success factor is product usability testing if done right goes a long way in realizing the intended goals.

A succesful GoToMarket testing will emphasize on the right usability testing resulting in reduced time to market for Product ISVs outsourcing their product testing requirements. Getting to hear from the customers about some small but irritating feedback that can put them off in using the entire product is a very embrassing experience after having loads of effort gone into the release.

Some times it would be so catastrophic in the sense that the entire product usage can come to a grand grinding halt just because the error message conveyed some thing totally different, the guidance message conveying totally a wrong path for the user to process or it might even change the face of the product (If the product is a consumer usable and if the guidance factors are at an enterprise level and vice-versa ).

product documentation, online helps, context sensitive helps, release notes, tech briefs all go a long way in ensuring the product usability goes up. Done the right way they help win customers confidence and smiles which is what we all care about

In the following series of blogs, we intend to share some insights from the experiences of a Senior Tech Writer who has been playing a key role in ensuring Qlabs has delivered near to perfect usability aspects always for the products that it helps its customers release to market.