I would like to share the key-points discussed in the webinar I attended last week on ‘The Era of AI in Software Test Automation’. This topic interested me the most and decided to enroll immediately as I have not thought or followed any tech news on this domain/topic. I felt it is worth sharing here, to seed a thought on this topic as well apart from regular AI areas.

They covered:

  • Challenges with test automation today
  • Where AI and ML can be used to alleviate these challenges
  • The future of software testing 
  • Pointers to some great AI resources 
To start with, we have been introduced to presenter(s) and co-ordinators, the nature of work they do and stuffs that interests them the most. As the webinar was given by CEO’s of test.io , https://www.testim.io/ and couple of other company architects, it was mostly on buisness prespective rather than engineering prespective, which I was not more curious about. Meaning, I wanted an answer for ‘How’, but I ended up hearing answers for ‘what’ and ‘existing products’ of theirs. But yet, there was a vauge discussions on ‘How can AI benefit software automation testing’,’Future of AI in automation testing’ and so on.
Due to time crunch and internal discussions most of the slides were skipped, after which I had a chance to chat with those guys and I would say,not all my questions were answered or maybe its beyond my understanding.
The questions I had,
1. As the demo and websites talks mostly about automatic rendering, CSS, HTML,automatic updated scripts and so on I was curious about native mobile app development. But, as per the answers given to me, I was not entirely satisfied but the easeness in hybrid apps are understood better than native components to start with. I think it is buisness ethics not to reveal any WIP modules maybe, not sure. 🙂
2. Extending this idea to IoT and smart devices makes more sense (which was in every presenter’s backlog as well) but what better role can this idea play in any website and mobiles? – An example scenario discussed was, identifying a person’s name from an image in some profile page or identification of dog or cat in any insurance sites while uploading a photo was a good use-case to consider.
3. Having the overall picture clear, where does we see the difficulties and challenges in future? – The skillset and maintainence was the answer from CEO’s.
But on the whole, I got few insights on this topic and it is definetly worth a discussion. I have started reading articles related to this topic as well. One hour session was fantastic and I look forward to few other unique use-case and interesting topics on ML and AI’s capability.
As advised, no attendee was allowed to record the session. So I have no material with me. Apologies 🙂
Update , I just got a YouTube presentation link from organizer and here it is.