Ok, why should start-ups choose Imaginea for their venture?

A start-up requires innovation. Innovation by nature deals with uncertainty. The uncertainty is about the feasibility or practicability of the new technology and is a function of its reception in the marketplace. Innovators proceed to build systems under great uncertainty when technologies and markets are co-evolving.

This uncertainty creates an evolution game where firms carve out their niche in the struggle for survival. In the process it necessitates a rapid change in their way of working -the very reason for their existence. Business models have to accommodate this change, which otherwise would lead to a binary result in the short term- success or failure.

A successful outcome from innovation depends on the exploratory capacity of the start-up in form of people, time and money. The hardest of the three is getting the right people, who are the most valuable assets during exploration and experimentation. The first few months of a start-up are always about engineering. The start-up has to build the new gene pool in short period of time. Evolution is important and the ability to adopt is the key to this gene pool and the market since technology and requirements keep changing. In short, start-ups need engineers not employees.

The founders spend lot of time and energy in convincing VCs about the business model and explaining ‘what next’ to the VCs. The time spent on ‘non-productive’ work results in frustration and the ability to lead innovation and exploration at a rapid pace often suffers.

Potential customers cannot guide development because they have no experience with new technologies, and any analogies to existing ones may be flawed. Hence one needs engineers with balance of experience and attitude for innovation.

Many of the initial internet companies assumed that the Internet would deliver all goods and services to consumers. Their B2B models appeared with the internet seen as the way for business to interact. Initially many software based companies see value in delivering products within their business and innovate accordingly.

Our founders too, continually innovated, developed technologies and solutions as the market evolved. Some of our products, which set out to service the consumer industry, morphed to serve businesses, became profitable and hence created compelling intellectual property.

At Imaginea we have experienced all these phases. Our engineers are innovative and they are trained to think like entrepreneurs. For start-ups requiring such engineers to take their ideas to the market, Imaginea is the place to go! The market is competitive for good talent. With Imaginea’s help start-ups can save time in hiring, coaching and mentoring. They can focus on exploring the market, creating markets and morphing themselves to solve various issues.

Sustained growth of a venture hinges on the effective sharing of ideas, leveraging organizational knowledge and ideas by its talented workforce. Effective knowledge sharing within teams takes substantial time. Imaginea is built on the fundamentals of sharing, mentoring and coaching people to become technology evangelists, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

No wonder then start-ups and software companies can rely on Imaginea’s skilled engineering team to support them at their most crucial phase – when they are creating new products.